Saturday, September 10, 2011

WIN A GALAXY! - Sign ups are open!!

This giveaway will be October 14-17 and will be open worldwide!
The blogger who refers the most bloggers to sign up will win $50!

There will be one winner who will get a Samsung Galaxy Tablet; and YES the bloggers ARE eligible to win! How great is that?!

You are NOT required to post a button, advertisement, or giveaway on your page. THEY WILL DO ALL THAT FOR YOU on over 50 giveaway sites as well as on other blogs. However, blogs that DO advertise will be in the running to win a $25 gift card.

This will cost $10 via Paypal, but you could have a chance at winning $75 AND a Samsung Galaxy Tablet! Sign up here and tell her I Love Coupons & Giveaways sent ya! Hope to see you in our group! :)

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